Free Webinar: on Tuesday the 12nd March 2021 - 6pm Singapore Time

For Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Coaches who want to grow an authentic online business:

5 clear steps to build a thriving online business

while staying authentic and avoid overwhelm

Learn how to build a stable foundation

to create a thriving online business

Understand the 5 steps that help you to get a

steady flow of clients and revenue

Create a long-lasting, heart-based, digital business

that lets you stay true to yourself.

Experience that you can and should be authentic

and can adopt the steps to your personality

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The Webinar starts on Tuesday the 12nd March 2021 6:00pm Singapore Time - Live in:

(10am London time | 11 am CET | 8:30pm ACDT | 9:00 pm AEDT)


Presented by: Stefan Logar

Hey there, for years I've been handed around behind the scenes to help some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time with their digital businesses.

And after 2020, I had this deep inner wish, to support more people. To share my understanding and expertise with everyone who wants to build a thriving online business.

I've spend 81'734 hours on personal and skill development while simultaneously helping over 812 private one on one clients excel in their businesses.

My deepest wish is to help you succeed too! So you in turn can help more people with your expertise and talents. With it, I know we can create a better world together.

A society in which every action of every human being makes life for all of us better!

Sounds like a big dream there, doesn't it? however, I believe together we can do it.

If you want to make your online business experience a journey of authenticity, heart-centered decisions, and empowerment for everyone that comes in touch with you and your content...

join this free Webinar to understand what foundation you got to build to get it done right!