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Stefan Logar

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Stefan Logar

67'431 Hours Experience

Stefan brings the best of two worlds to the table.

With knowledge and Experience from over a decade in digital services and technology as well as personal growth and development Stefan ensures that people, companies, and others are digitized powerfully.

Stefan's core Mission is to empower positive actions that make this world a better place for all living beings.

Thanks to the Internet we are more connected than ever in our human history. To utilize the power that we all have on our fingertipps is to digitize yourself authentically and with intent.

This is what Stefan is doing a long time now successfully.

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Stefan has world-class mentors at his side like Kevin Harrington - Original Shark from the Hit-TV-Show Shark-Tank. (See Picture)

Next to other Mentors like Toni Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Kane & Alessia Minkus, Frank Kern, Ben Angel and many more...

Stefan Works Internationally

Impacting thousands of people every month - being the bridge that helps them cross from the real world into the digital space without loosing who they truely are.

Organize Events

Thanks to Changemakers and Influencers that work with Stefan, he reaches with their content Thousands of people every Month

Solve Digital Needs

Stefan Solves digital issues and gets information where it needs to be, webpages that convert up and running and digital apps connected.


Next to performing digital tasks, stefan creates many of the communications for his clients as well.

Social Empowerment

What works and what doesn't in todays overloaded world and how to bring what works to social media is another integrated part of his work.

Extensive Knowledge and Mastership

Stefan has Mastered many fields like:

  1. Webdesign and Impact-Design
  2. Funnels and Sales processes online
  3. Direct and Online Selling
  4. Communication for Visibility and Impact
  5. Copy Writing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Social Media Branding and Communication
  8. Blogging
  9. Online Course Development
  10. Online Community Development & Memberships

And much more...

Thanks to his deep dedication to ongoing learning, he always brings you what works best for you now.

Stefan's ability to fast understand and implement all kinds of technology online and then explain it to anyone in a way that it is understood and usable is unique and powerful.

With him, you have not only a digital master on your side but somebody who knows how to teach you and make you understand how to use it on your own.

Build an Extremly stable foundation for your business endeavour


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