Build a Thriving Online Business the Authentic way, without overwhelm

The Authentic Digitization Deep Dive Online Program for Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches that are frustrated with creating a digital business and need or want to make it work for them the easy way...


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Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Coaches that want to create freedom through an online business without losing themselves in the process and doing things that suck for them...

Remove Tech-Overwhelm

And create a straight forward way for you to achieve your goals digitally....

Automate Repetitive Tasks

And learn how to stay authentic for your ideal customers and clients, even while you sleep....

How does it work?

Step 1 - Create Clarity

Make your online business easy and allow people to understand, see, and hear you...

Step 2 - Connections

Form a true bond online, that helps to create trust and a real relationship...

Step 3 - Clear out Obstacles

Remove what's holding you back and experience effortlessness...

Step 4 - Create Systems

Utilize less tech, and make sure that what you use online brings results that matter...

Step 5 - Captivate your Audience

Increase your revenue with the right message at the right time to the right people thanks to your clarity...

Stefan Logar - 13 years in online business - over 81'376 hours of personal development and skill honing done - over 800 private 1 on 1 clients internationally

The Program...

What's in it for you?

Get your questions answered in short and concise videos

Learn what it takes to make your online business work for you within clear steps

Understand the three key areas of your digital success that help you thriving and generating revenue

Explore different possibilities to make your life easier

Create systems that work for you and your clients

Get support along the way!

Some Feedback from Clients

Martin Altherr

Europes #1 Self-

transformation Expert

"Stefan is the go-to Expert when it comes to Digitization"

Karen Lim and Siew Leng Low

Singapore's most trusted dog nutrition and health experts

"Stefan is the "man" for all things digital"

Mahima Klinge

Europe’s #1 Self-Mastery and Leadership Mentor

"Stefan helped us to create a smooth running machine out of our live event business"

How is the Course structured?

Online Access to your Videos

Support Group Online with Monthly Lives

5 Modules that guide you step by step through the online course

Short Videos that Explain what Questions to answer and how to get the Authentic part right

Module 1 - Clarity

You experience how to fast-track your business success online,

You understand what it takes to make the right decisions, communicate clearly, and help more people with what you love

Module 2 - Connection

Your ideal customers will feel seen, heard, and understood, while knowing that they want to work with you...

Module 3 - Clear out Obstacles

Create effortlessness in your daily life knowing what to watch out for and how to counteract the most common obstacles online...

Module 4 - Create Your Systems

Ensure that your products, services, and possibilities online work for you and your clients and generate that - sales guarantee with value and impact...

Understand the automation part of your business and how to achieve it easily...

Module 5 - Captivate Your Audience

Help more people, reach the right audience, and cut out daily hustle and grind completely...

Bonus I - Online Community with monthly Q&A Calls

Connect to like minded people and ask your questions directly to the creator of Authentic Digitization* - 1 year access after purchase

Bonus II - the Guideline to create online courses that sell (PDF)

22 Steps that help you create online courses that people really want and will buy from you!

Bonus III - The Wealth Creation Formula

A online course that helps you to commit to your goals, dreams, yourself and transforms what is holding you back to allies on your way...

Bonus IV - How to do it yourself Guides

Video explainer on how to create a funnel, sales system, landing pages, webpages, craft your message, e-mail automation, and more...

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