Part-1-DMS-Your Strength - Stefan Logar

Digitize Master Series - The Podcast

Part 1 - Your Strength

SEP 1, 2019

Welcome to the first part of a series that will teach you what it really takes to digitize successfully.

Dive with me into the secrets of the online world that no one else will tell you about.

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A little teaser right out of this Podcast Episode...

Just imagine that you could do what you're good at every single day.

This will bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

Now you start making life easier for people and solving problems!

When you do that, it becomes obvious to demand money for it. Actually logical, isn't it?

Or do you always want to do everything for free for others?

Probably less!

But that also depends on what added value you deliver.

In other words, where you can find the people who need this added value.

Focus on your strengths, on what you love.

I have just said it before: "if you go into your strengths, then you will create the true basis for more success."

You will find it easier and simpler to shape your life according to your imagination.

It doesn't have to be digital, but it's certainly the only real way you can get digitalized, online, anywhere. If you come up with anything else that doesn't really fit you, that doesn't lie in your zone of excellence, or has nothing to do with your genius, then you will lose money.

In the worst case even your valuable time.

Stefan Logar

The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert

With more than 67'348 hours in personal development and masterminds both as participant and mentor, Stefan brings the best from the international business-world paired with the newest knowledge from the digital world to the table. A unique, yet very powerful combination. Stefan's Clients Learn how to powerfully, authentically digitize, while staying human and uniquely themselves! They get what's working and avoid overwhelm at the same time. Finally you can do what you love!

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