Video Hosting - Do you really need such a service and why?

Digitize Master Series - Part 111

Do I need a Video-Hosting? 

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DEC 20, 2019


Why hosting-provider for all kinds of services is a great idea, and why you also should use them is easy. It makes your life easier, does things you can’t do alone, and keeps your business fast and slick! 

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Should you use a video-hosting service?  

The short answer is YES!

Yes, you should!  

See, no matter where you are at with your business.

Video and Content marketing is essential to build an audience that knows, likes and trusts you.  

These three steps are unavoidable if you truly want to scale your business and make it more profitable and successful.  

What has video-hosting to do with that?  

Well, it takes some crucial parts of your hands.  

And brings some critical benefits too.  

Let’s explore them together quickly and then check out with me the hosting-service that I came to love.  

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"Video-hosting will help you build your business"

First of all, here some of the benefits of hosting your videos with a video-hosting service.  

1.Your webpage stays smaller, and faster 

2.On-demand videos 24/7 that run your business on autopilot 

3.Great to build a Portfolio of content that you can use and reuse everywhere 

4.Protected videos that are only accessible through passwords or individual account holders 

5.Professional looking video player that works on all devices and browsers 

And much more… 

Besides that, your videos run fast, stream always, and buffer quicker. 

That means a better experience for your clients and followers. 

Now, you can say, but I can host them on Facebook. 😊 

Well, sure, but the moment you do, Facebook owns your content.

It’s in their terms and conditions.

You forfeit any rights to your content towards Facebook.

If they want, they can take it from you, delete it, or even copyright it on themselves. 

Probably won’t happen. 

Another factor to consider, if Facebook turns of service and your videos would be affected… they are just gone, and that’s it. 

"Video-hosting that I recommend"

That all said, I am using Vimeo. 

It has been proving itself reliable, fast, stable, with excellent storage space, and unlimited streaming hours, etc… 

It’s overall great to sort, organize, and even order your videos and even videos of clients if you want to do that as well. 

I would highly recommend you start using it for your own business as well.

The different plans give you excellent access from a starter level to the full fletched business suits. 

When you buy into the pro version, you can even white label the player and video, remove the advertisement from Vimeo, and design your color schemes and logos for your videos. 

You can add a call to actions; password-protected video content, content after registration, and much more. 

Check it out today and have fun using and exploring it fully.  

Sunny Regards    


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