Webpage - Do not confuse it with something it is not!

Digitize Master Series - Part 120

Don't confuse your Webpage for something it is not 

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JAN 11, 2020


Many people want to build the next "we have it all" webpages. That just isn't what's going to work…

Hi, it's time to digitize.  For the last time in this series, we start to explore another relevant field of digitization.  

Your Webpage.  

And why it isn't as important as you might believe.  

And how times changed into a more clearly defined way of doing things online.  

What does that mean for you?  

It means your Webpage is one thing, and one thing only:  

Your Webpage is a marketing tool! 

That's it.  

If you want, you can go ahead and waste your time on building 1000 sub-pages, ultra-boring, the content webpage with all the info in it that nobody wants or needs.  

Or, you pay an agency 10th of thousands to do it for you.  

In the end, it won't give you what you seek from it.  

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"So, what should my Webpage be doing instead?"

You always know just what to ask!

I love it.  

For one, it has a job to do for you.

It has to prepare people for your services or products.  

For that, it needs to capture attention and let people make a choice.  

The only choices that matter for you.  

Am I at the right place here or not?  

Yes – what can I do next?  

No – also great, bye-bye then! 

See, this is the only choice that matters on your Webpage.  

Next is, it should instill action.  

Get people to do something special.  

When you paid attention to this series, you will have figured out that a Landing page is doing a lot of things similar.  

Where is the difference?  

A Landing page is for one specific service, product, lead-magnet, offer, or deal.

Your Webpage is all about your ideal client. 

Yap heard that right,  It's all about your ideal client.

Not you!  

You are just the vehicle for them to get what they want.  

I hope that makes sense to you.  

"What should I be putting onto that Webpage of mine then?"

Fantastic, another great question!

You are on fire today. 

The first thing a visitor needs to see is what they will get from you. 

You're brand-promise if you will. In one sentence and a bit you need to make clear what people get from you to make that choice of YES, I am at the right place here, or NO, this isn't for me! 

In your header, you got to do that. 

Remember, you only have about 3 seconds to capture someone's attention. 

Without doing that successfully your page won't work. 

No matter what page it is. 

Ok, breaking it down for you: 

1.Have your header on the page with a clear picture of you and your immediate statement of what people get + a call to action where people can engage with you immediately. 

2.Explain your System, Method, or Process in a – on your client-focused – way. 

1.That means to show them what they get and what benefits arise out of it while giving them a distinct process 3-5-7-9 steps to achieve what they seek out. 

2.Then give them a call to action again… let them interact further with your content 

3.Show them the benefits of working with you. What is their transformation, expected change in life, etc.… and of course at the end give another call to action. 

4.Testimonial time. Let others talk about how cool it is to work with you, ideally in video form. Then, you guessed it, give a call to action again. 

5.More is needed? Have a video of you giving something of value out while showing the pain-solution sets of your services and have another call to action. 

6.In the end, make sure to include a link to your imprint, privacy-policy, and cookie-policies. All the while, you have your main menu in the footer again. 

"Ok, that's all great, but what other pages does my Webpage need?"

Well asked again. Indeed, you should give those who are curious more to explore. 

Firstly create another page that you call the classic "about me" or, better yet find a way to give them a reason to click and call it something like "your result (obviously replace the "your result," with the "result" they are getting) 

On this page, write about what you can do for your ideal client. 

Tell them the story of why you got started doing what you do and how you make life better for others with it. 

What you learned and how you use it to improve the reader's life.


Focus your whole about me section totally on your ideal customer and make it an "about them" section on your Webpage. 

Also, here offer a further call to action to get started. 

Maybe even a couple, depending on the length of your page. 

You should also have a first offer page.

Something where people can engage and explore more depth of your method and system that you pre-introduced on the start page of your Webpage. 

Here you can go into more depth again, yet still, keep the whole conversational path around the ideal customer and his transformation. 

Have a contact page.

Very clear that one. 

At last offer some more insights into your expertise. 

If you have testimonials, newspaper articles were written about you, interviews conducted, and any kind of social proof.

Then go ahead and add that as well on an extra page. 

"What if I do a ton of things and want them to know it all on my Webpage?"

First of all, I do a ton of things too. 

But I don't tell you! 


Because I do not want to confuse you or anyone else. 

If you send a mixed message, you created yourself a 100% chance to repel people from your Webpage towards others who are more evident in their communication. 

Keep it simple. 

If you do a lot, combine everything you love doing under an umbrella of things. 

With me, it is Digital Life Enhancement. 

If I would list out the services, and things I can do for you within it now, we have another two pages bullet points only here.

And many of those things seemingly have nothing to do with each other like Copywriting and graphic design. 

See, it's easier to keep it simple for everyone. 

People don't need to know how much you can do.

They only need to see if you can help them or not. 

By talking about all those different areas that you can provide, you confuse them. 

With confusion, nobody will take action. 

I hope that clarified the question, why your Webpage isn't remarkable… the Marketing Tool you need to build very much is! 

Start with an outline of your leading service or product and build your Webpage around that.  

Thank you for being here with me, and I wish you from the bottom of my heart, all the best on your journey and significant breakthroughs ahead.  

Keep tuned in. 

The next 12 Month series is about to begin and will cover everything you need to know around value creation and how to do it online. 

It will be in a bit different style delivered, however. 

You can expect 1 article a month… with four guiding blogs, and empowerment around it. 

You will find more information, quotes, motivation, and more on social media, and everything will build up around that 1 article a month. 

See you in the Value Creation Formula that will be starting very soon now! 

Sunny Regards    


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