Emails - How to make them simple, beautiful and successful!

Digitize Master Series - Part 88

How to make your emails beautiful. Don't overdo it with your designs; just build them! 

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NOV 27, 2019


To make everything perfect, or simply not finding an end at things, is a sure way on how to procrastinate. It also will rob you of success, and you won't go out where you are needed. 

Yes, we still talk about emails. 

Because you do not want to send out just plain text emails full of words 😀 

I always delete and chuckle about those 15-page long emails full of everything.

Mixed up with all there is to do and 29hundred links, etc.… 

While it makes you feel like you did an excellent job.

You didn't! 

When it comes down to designing your emails, we are looking at some core rules of branding and content delivery here. 

The very first and most important rule is: 

Talk only about 1 thing in each Email! 

Do not mix up stuff, you are ending up confusing people, and confused people do not engage with you. 

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"How to make sure your email content and design rocks?"

When we are looking at emails, we want them to stand out!

There are different parts to that. 

First of all, you need to craft a beautiful email header. 

An Image that shows you and your service or anything you do in action.

Something that builds credibility.

Like you with celebrities, or in front of an audience.

Or you are only doing your thing! 

It also can be something graphically beautiful designed + You in a particular pose! 

However, you want to design it; you need to be in the Header for sure! 

Next up are headlines that tell the reader immediately what to expect from this Email with a twist. 

Make them interested in reading more.

Give them an incentive on why they should continue. 

Headlines that tell them things like:

How to do X; or Why Y never works, but this does; Please give them a tease on what to expect in this Email and then deliver!

Either in the same Email or on a landing-page behind the Email.

Maybe even with a sales video after. 

When it comes to your context.

Here are the primary rules that you need to follow: 

1.Write short and concise! 

2.Keep your paragraphs short, as well! 

3.No more than 1-2, 26-word sentences! 

4.Write hooks and teasers like: but, that's not all – keep on reading – now to the juice of it… 

Have a closing statement, and make sure to follow through with at least one call to action. 

This can be – keep an eye out for tomorrow's Email to learn more.

Or watch my matching video for you.   

Or read this letter I wanted to send to you, but the post office returned it to me… 

To recap: 

1.Your tagline – Subject needs to be telling what to expect 

2.Your headline in your Email needs to rock 

3.You need a header image in which you brand yourself. 

4.Keep your context focused on one thing only 

5.Keep your sentences short and concise. 

6.Keep your paragraphs short – 1-2 sentences max per article 

7.Have a closing statement 

8.Don't write more than 1 to max two pages for the Email. 

9.Have a Call to action – keep people engaged 

Well, go ahead and craft your new beautiful sequences right now. 

Oh, and when it comes to colors, do not do more than 2-3 different colors max.

Stick to your brand.

And keep it clean and simple.   

Sunny Regards    


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