Good News - How to do good and talk about it right

Digitize Master Series - Part 102

How to do good and talk about it proper 

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DEC 11, 2019


There is enough bad news in the world. Sharing a bit of hope, light, and love doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

What has “sharing the good news” to do with the digital space?  


When you want to build a successful online brand, you need to make sure to share things that resonate with people.

That builds trust and increases the value of your brand.

That’s you, in that case.  

See people have enough with all the bad news and negativity floating around in TV and Radio, and online.  

Be a different one.  

Sharing good news doesn’t mean to film you giving a homeless person a gift.  

It focuses on how you want to and does impact the world around you.  

So, if you share something with someone in need, no matter if it’s opportunity or money, or food, then start talking about it.  

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"You do not need to film your good deeds to talk about it"

Most definitely, you can talk about it to others.

Openly or not.

Sharing good news is spreading love.  

See, if you can make somebody smile, believe in humanity a bit more again, give happiness… then that is a win for us all.  

We need more good news in our lives.  

Be the one who spreads that.  

Here is another critical angle.  

You do not need to help someone in need or desperation to share your good news.  

A client win, an excellent testimonial, a powerful breakthrough that you helped to achieve.

That all counts as good news as well.  

Share your victories and those of others around you.

No matter if you have been directly involved in it or not.  

Shared joy and love are doubled!

Every time. 

Not much more to say for this one today.

Go ahead and share one good story today!  

Sunny Regards    


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