Ethically working - that's why you should know what it actually means!

Digitize Master Series - Part 95

How I discovered Ethically Working and what it means 

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DEC 04, 2019


Being ethical is a must if you want to be successful. So many misunderstand ethical and mix it up with their own beliefs and perspectives that it loses the true meaning.

Hi, it’s time to digitize, and today we going to explore the meaning of working ethically in the digital space. 

At times that can seem like a hard thing to do.

And yes, it isn’t always that easy.

But necessary. 

See, in a more authentic sense of the word ethical, we are talking about upholding a particular set of values. 

Human values. 

The first and most important one is honest.

Honesty is a must if you want to digitize authentically. 

You cannot be dishonest about anything in your life or yourself.

(You do not need to overshare, but at least be straight forward) 

Many people believe that selling or giving opportunities is unethical.

And that is the biggest pile of nonsense I’ve ever heard. 

The truth of the matter is that not selling, not giving opportunities, not helping, that is unethical. 

Sadly, some companies spread that lie, to bind people to their products or way only.

Diminishing any chance of real, lasting success and even endangering overall wealth and well-being. 

So do not fall for that. 

If you or anyone has something to offer to make the life of people better, you have to do so!

And that is the core of being ethical.

It is working ethically in all ways.  

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"Values in working ethically to look out for"

I’ve already mentioned honesty, on top of that is keeping your word.

If you promise to do something, do everything in your power to do it! 

Take responsibility for your actions and promises.

And make sure that you align with your word in a way that makes a life for your clients better. 

That also means to uphold a code of transparency.

Say what is going on. 

When I am talking about giving opportunities, I do not mean to share every shiny object or every new program you come across.

However, sharing what is working for you and anybody can do it with a certain amount of involvement.

That is giving opportunities. 

If you base working ethical on your core values and include the transparency part, you are good to go. 

There is so much we can explore in this topic; anyhow, I like to call it a day and give you the task to list out your core values and see what and how you want to engage with people, what you expect from them, and yourself, etc.…  

Do that, and I see you tomorrow!  

Sunny Regards   


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