Plutio - That's how I discovered the planning tool and learned to love it!

Digitize Master Series - Part 110

How I discovered this Great Planning Tool – Plutio 

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DEC 19, 2019


Planning it halfway to victory. That’s what they say. Still, it isn’t easy – nevertheless, with the right tools, it is very doable.  

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Planning is half of the way.

Isn’t it?  

Excellent planning is doing so many good things for you.  

+ It keeps you on track 

+ It proves what you have done 

+ It gives a beautiful overview of accomplishments 

+ It guides your way 

+ Saves time 

+ Therefore, saves money 

+ Makes everything more comfortable to do 

+ connects you to your end goal And so much more. 

But how to organize that all? 

Where to plan it? 

There are so many possibilities, and most of them are great options. 

Yet, also here consistency is a factor. 

Usability another.

Next to accessibility. 

Then the questions arrive: 

Can I use it for multiple projects at the same time? 

Does it help to structure and organize my tasks? 

Can a client or customer have access to it without exposing everything I do? 

Does it make my work more comfortable? 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"That was when I found Plutio"

After years of using tools like Trello or others in that category.

I had enough. 

I even had a one drive online storage – handle it all by my self with folder solution once… (didn’t go too well though) 

And when I was ready to give up and keep on writing it all down in word docs…

I stumbled across Plutio. 

It was a Christmas Deal a couple of years back.

And I took it. 

Ever since then, I am in love with that tool. 

Especially if you are a freelancer, or consultant, a designer, developer, service provider, or directly in business with many clients.

(or a few clients) 

See, this tool does it all. 

It is a project manager. 

Stores your clients and grants them access to the right content to work with you together on the project that you signed them up for. 

You can organize all tasks in task-boards and sort them inside of projects. 

You can write offers, invoices, contracts, and more. 

You have an automated schedule for invoices and can create payment plans for clients.

You can even collect the money online through the portal if you wish. 

Even better, you can have live chats with clients or teammates. 

You can have attachments, upload videos, images, files to nearly any place you want. 

Organizing your projects will be not only comfortable but super straight forward. 

All the while, your clients can see what is happening. 

When you are a bit clever, you create a Taskboard for client meetings and create meeting minutes in those to always keep track of what has happened.

It’s a great way to show responsibility and keep track of what was done and what wasn’t. 

Especially if there is a client that doesn’t follow your advice! 😀

(yeah, they also exist) 

Anyhow, enough of the love chat about Plutio here.

Go check it out! 

You won’t regret it!  

Sunny Regards    


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