Facebook audiences - How to successfully build your community!

Digitize Master Series - Part 93

How to build FB Audiences and Ads 

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DEC 02, 2019


Social Media is the new TV. And for now, advertisement on it is super affordable. That will change in the future. To be part of the journey, you got to think about positioning now.

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Today we are taking a look at Facebook and their Audiences and Ads.  

The possibilities for you to reach your ideal customers on social media are enormous.  

However, just jumping in head-on without a strategy and, more importantly, without a functional sales process, is going to waste your money only.  

Now here are two different ways how you can build and utilize Facebook audiences fast. 

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In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"What’s a Facebook Audience?"

Good, you ask.

It is not your fans or followers.  

Those are very much sidelined as organic reach will shrink to 0 anyhow over time.  

An Audience is created within the ad-manager.

It represents a group of people that have done something special with your content or your pages.  

Like visited it, or clicked on certain links, or have been on your product pages, etc.… 

Diving into those is much more efficient than relying on fans or likes.  

You can build audiences that are highly targeted reasonably fast.  

Without even spending money on it! 


Let’s explore that a bit here.  

"You are building a Facebook Audience instead of running paid Ads!"

You heard it before.

Content is King.

But is it?  


Not anymore.  

There is a new King.

And that King is called – Content that is applicable, useful, and helpful.  

For you, that means building posts that offer insights, give tips, and then provide a chance to engage.  

Did you know that in a recent market study, it has been proven that 72% of people want to receive offers in generic posts!

Crazy right.

So, people are looking to get content that helps and then get an offer from you as well!  

Here is how to do it.  

Take a topic that you love.

Then write down ten sub-topics about the area you want to talk about.  

Now record to each area 1-2 little videos.

In those, you explain what and why it is essential and give something of more value that is useable immediately.

Now on top, you tell them what to do next.  

It could be something like – follow the link in the first comment and get my new e-Book.  

Or Join my free webinar and learn all you need to do X.  

Some call to action.  

And yes, you are using those videos on your reasonable timeline.  

Here is the deal – the more generic and ordinary those videos are, the better.  

"Facebook Audiences are built with people who genuinely want to engage with you!"

That will only happen if you are right to yourself and authentic.  

However, without running videos.

Live Facebook Calls and content that is exactly like you are and want to be usually.

You’ll get a hard time ahead of you.  

We have talked multiple times about you being authentic throughout this series.

And it is a cornerstone to succeed with marketing today.  

Come up with a plan on how to deliver and show that you are an expert in whatever it is you are doing.  

Then run those videos on multiple platforms.

From YouTube to Facebook and any others in between.  

Remember to add a call to action, and most importantly Track what is happening.

So, with the results, you can then tell Facebook to craft audiences.  

And with that, you are building the best list you ever could have wished for.   

Shortly, it will be even more critical than email lists.  

To track what’s happening, you need to make sure to add the Facebook Pixel to your pages!   

Now go ahead and add value to your market.   

Sunny Regards    


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