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Digitize Master Series - Part 116

How to do a simple Podcast  

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DEC 28, 2019


Podcasts are a great way to build a reputation as an expert. 

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Let’s dig into some ways on how to create an easy podcast.  

1.A way how to do it without having any expertise in the area of your Podcast at all

2.Compounding it down from your expertise 

See, while we digitize, we tend to overcomplicate things. 

It isn’t that complicated at all. 

Digitization is easy. 

When it comes to content creation, it couldn’t be any easier.

Yet, people make it hard on themselves. 

First of all, when you digitize authentically, there is no need to do something like somebody else does.

It wouldn’t be authentic to you, anyways. 

Does that mean to let go of quality?


Not in the slightest.

It would be best if you found your way of doing things and from that moment on your only job is to find ways to improve the quality of it all. 

Show that you care. 

Ok, drifted a bit off-topic here… let’s dial into our two ways of creating a kick-ass podcast that makes sense. 

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"Doing a simple Podcast – the Expert lane"

Let’s assume you have much knowledge in a specialized field. 

To create a simple Podcast out of it, you need to do two things. 

1.List out all the topics and ideas that you love about your expertise.

1.Those things that you could talk for hours and hours about 

2.Ask yourself what the most relevant knowledge and info people is can use immediately

1.Dial your content ideas down to those and make a little plan 

2.Guide them forward from beginner to advanced and spread a bit of expert-level content into it as well. 

That is your content plan.

Your roadmap to a successful podcast if you will. 

Next up.

Record your first Piece of content.

If you want to use it in multiple ways, then record it as a video! 

You can save the audio file only from that video and use it for your Podcast. 

When you love a topic very much, break it down into smaller steps and talk about 1 step at a time!

Especially in audio-formats, you don’t want to overload the listener! 

"How to create a Podcast with other experts!"

People love to get attention.

When you request an Expert to do a podcast with you, most of the time, they will agree to that immediately. 

Even if you are new or don’t have a pool of listeners already now. 

It’s nice to share and talk with someone interested in you and your work. 

Make it all about the other experts in the field of the expertise you want to create the Podcast in. 

No matter what that may be! 

Even if you, yourself has no idea about it at all! 

You have multiple approaches for that: 

1.You do it Interview Style – prepare fixed questions and go through them with the expert 

2.Interviews with liquid conversations – no prepared questions – start – the introduction of the expert – take it from there organically. Let the conversation grow naturally. 

3.The experts talk about a pre-set topic within the expertise! Or a couple of issues… 

4.Moderator style – You host the show, talk about the next piece of content – and let the expert fill the blanks 

Overall this is a great fun way to present compelling content to people. 

The best is you are building expertise in the same area your Podcast is about and will be seen as an expert in the same field as well. 

"Podcast pro tips:"

  • Have an intro prepared – something short, to the point, and satisfying!
  • Introduce the topic of the Podcast after your generic intro 
  • Use engaging and energetic background music! 
  • Decide on a length – 5 minutes; 10; 15; 30? Keep your format! 
  • Deliver valuable info. Things people can use and apply! 
  • Have an extra with Call to action 
  • Release your episodes frequently (once a week, bi-weekly, once a month etc…) 
  • Prepare at least 5-10 Episodes before listing it officially to the different channels like Itunes etc.… 
  • Prepare a cover image upfront – with title and you in the picture as well (3’000x3’000 Pixels) 
  • Make sure the audio is top quality! 
  • A podcast should keep it down to earth, yet entertaining, with an element of “aha- that’s cool” moments. 

Overall speak from your heart, and you are good to go! 

Get started with an idea right away! 

Here is the thing, a podcast helps you to create presents, visibility, expertise, and in the long run, credibility. 

That will help you establish your idea as a viable business. 

And it’s fast done too! 

So get started now, and I see you in the next blog!  

Sunny Regards    


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