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Digitize Master Series - Part 104

How to design Content that really helps 

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DEC 13, 2019


We are swamped with Content. And the frustrating part is, that most of it isn't relevant, useful, or helpful in any way. To break this cycle, we need to start and design applicable Content. 

Hi, it's time to digitize.  

Let's dive into Content that is designed to make a difference for the reader.  

Much like the blogs you have been following here.  

If not… start doing so!   

See, content-marketing and content design aren't always easy.  

We get stuck up in too much information.

And overload people with objectionable Content.  

We can easily avoid that, however!  

Let's find out how you can apply a natural filter to all of your Content and make it more relevant, useful, and positive.  

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"Three filters to design Content that helps"

Filter number 1 is manageable: 

Ask yourself if your Content is positive. 

Is it good? 

It has a kind intention and carries a good vibe. 


If you want to achieve that, the mood you are in a while creating the Content is super important. 

Everything you feel, everything you think, will find its way into your Content even if it is only energetically. 

It has been proven that how you feel will be picked up by the reader or consumer of the Content later on.

Mostly sub-conscious. 

Think is.

That 99.5% of things are happening sub-conscious.

If your message isn't loaded with the right intent and energy, you are more likely to repel somebody from your message and stop them from engaging with you further. 

So, your first filter is always to make sure that you create your Content in a state of happy, positivity, intentful focus that targets to support and better the consumer's life.  

"Filter number 2 to design Content that helps"

After you made sure that your energy is right, and the Content is positive and aligned with your intention.

It's time to move into the second filter. 

Is your Content relevant to the reader? 

That might sound like a wild guess; anyhow, you can pretty much make sure it is relevant when you follow this little trick: 

Focus your Content around a problem/solution set. 

Figure out what a significant obstacle is and write about that. 

All the while, you make sure to deliver some insights that lead to a solution. 

I am making sure that Content is relevant has also time relevancy on it. 

If you write about things that were true or common 20 years ago, a reader from today will get a helpful insight but nothing he can use today.

So, it isn't as relevant as Content that focusses on an issue that is now. 

Filter number 2 brings you down to writing about things that move your reader right now and making sure that it is solution-oriented. 

Shedding light on recent issues, obstacles, or hindering patterns is also relevant, especially if you know that those are relevant for your reader right now. 

"With filter number 3 you're moving into the usefulness of your Content"

See, after making sure your Content has the right intention and energy while watching out for relevancy, it is time to move into the last filter. 

This filter is super powerful, as it moves your Content and your communication immediately into the future of marketing. 

A future that has started already to manifest within any given marketing space. 

See, its usefulness! 

Useful Content. 

Applicable concepts that are easily understandable and immediately usable by the reader. 

Something that they can try out and have results with. 

Crafting this kind of Content is a walk on a knife's edge. 

If you give too much, you will fill up and saturate your reader, so they won't be able to take the next step. 

If you give too little, it's useless Content.

And hence, all your preparation of the other filters is for nothing. 

That is why you should write Content that delivers the what and the why around your Content. 

What is relevant and essential to understanding.

And why is it important. Pairing it with stories that are real, from your life, or somebody else's life, that you have witnessed, heard about, etc… is a great way how to package up your Content. 

A straight-forward conversational style like we have here is excellent. 

Make sure to add a piece of how.

An exercise, something they can do immediately when working or reading through your Content. 

Then you are on the way to create Content that helps.  

Start doing that right now and enjoy the process! 

Sunny Regards    


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