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Digitize Master Series - Part 90

How to Network in the Digital Age 

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NOV 29, 2019


A company can't scale without a vast network. Either a customer network or an impact-network. It's crucial to build connections to other well-connected people that can help spread the word because they love what you do.

Hi, it's time to digitize and nice you here with me again. 

Let us dive into Networking in the Digital Age! 

Oh yes, I heard you frowning.

Not Networking again! 

I understand your frustration; many people misunderstand Networking, and especially network marketing.

Anyhow, we are not going to look into any Network Marketing here today.

We are going to take a deep dive into networking in the Digital Age! 

That said, let's check out how Networking can and will be one of the essential marketing tools for you.

You saw what I did there? 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"Networking in the digital space, why so many fail:"

First of all, Networking is a lifeline for any business.

Being well connected will help you through all kinds of troubles.

From the real – omg where to get the next client from to survive scenarios to luxury problems like – how do I handle all of those clients now? 

But how to network online?

And what's the difference to offline Networking? 

Great questions there! 

First of all, you will need both! 

Going to events, meeting interesting people, connect with new awesome humans, etc.… is just great.

And if you do it with a clear intent and focus, you will get new clients out of any event you are going to. 

Also, talking with people you meet by chance can open doors you would never have expected.

I know you heard that many times already.

And no, it's not about running around outside and talking to every stranger you see. 

Being ready for encounters, however, is essential. 

For that, you need to have the clarity work done that we have been doing in the first ten odd videos and blogs here!

Haven't you yet?

Or you are new here?

No worries here is the link to the first blog, work your way up from there: LINK! 

"tell me finally how to Network in the Digital Age!"

Ok, ok! 

Networking online isn't that much different from live events or meetings. 

It's firstly all about the person you meet.

You want to get to know them better.

See where their struggles and issues are so that you can lead the conversation towards value for them and you. 

Sounds more comfortable than it is!

It would be best if you had practice.

And that is ok. 

Online Networking has a lot to do with joining the right groups of people and connect to even better ones.

Yes, you called it, social media is the key here. 

Necessary for the choice of groups:

Paid membership groups have higher quality people in it that are better to connect to. 

Next up your conversations: 

As I said, it's all about the person you talk to.

You and your services are irrelevant for now. Focus on the other person and ask questions that guide towards pain points they might have. 

For me, asking this helped a lot: 

What is your biggest obstacle right now? 

Or, are you online with your business?

Cool, how is it going?

Or How do you want it to work for you online? 

See, if you ask questions that let people talk about themselves, you are in for answers 85% of the time. 

"Can you automate Networking in the Digital Age?"

Here is where it gets fascinating.

The answer is a definite YES! 

Is that ethical?


1. You can reach more people and start helping them or giving them chances and choices. That alone is a 100% must if you are working ethically. 

2. Saving and freeing up more of your time so you can get more done, well, I call that very ethical, as it gives you the power even to help more people. 

I could go on here. 

Ton's of people do not understand ethics in Networking… or working in total, they just throwing around the word without any deeper meaning. 

So how to do it then? 

Well, easy: 

1.You can record videos that bring value and share them over social media and webpages, etc.… 

2.You can write nurture and info email campaigns to keep people engaged and bringing them closer towards you and your brand.

3.You can use automated chatbots like ManyChat to communicate and pre-heat any new person in your friend list. Without you having to spend all the time on it. 

There are a couple of rules to watch out for: 

Firstly, people love authenticity.

And a chatbot isn't the most authentic thing you can have.

However, choosing one is still a great idea, as long as you make it clear that you have set up this bot to give base information only.

And that people can get to know what's in for them this way. 

Write it as organically as possible and steer clear of offers and links in the first instance.

Those are for people that follow you and consume your content for a while already. 

"Well, this all sounds great, is there a more natural way to network in the Digital Age?"

Yes, yes, there is: 

Talking with people. 

With or without intent…(with is usually better). 

What do you mean? 


See, I told you already twice my story on how I signed up 28 new clients over Facebook chat in just three weeks! 

Check it out here:


If you didn't see that yet, it's time to read it very carefully and start applying it.

This is a clear way on how to network. 

Next to new customers and clients, you will build a network of people that will refer more clients towards you, if you are smart enough to nurture and re-engage those connections frequently. 

That sounds like work is needed. 

Of Course, Networking needs dedication, love, and time. 

If you are not willing to give any of those, you lost already from the start. 

Play this game out full, with all aspects and angles.

Only then you will make it in the digital world. 

I see you tomorrow, sunny Regards.    


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