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Digitize Master Series - Part 99

How to Prepare an online course  

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DEC 08, 2019


Most only classes suck! Hard! Because they aren't prepared in a way that makes sure that they deliver value 

Hi, it's time to digitize. 

Let us talk about online courses.

And how you can prepare one with a compelling technique that always brings you down to the most critical aspects of your topic. 

In my over 69'734 hours of training and development of my skills, I came across my fair share of online programs, groups, courses, and anything you can imagine. 

I noticed an uneasy the high number of those programs were poorly crafted, didn't deliver, or were too complicated. 

Even programs from top entrepreneurs had issues and not technically spoken. 

How can you avoid that your online program will suck as well? 

That is precisely what we will explore here now. 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"Prepare a kick-ass online course"

the very first thing to do is gaining clarity. 


Yes, again! 

Clarity about what it is you want to achieve with your online course. 

Figure out what your prospect or ideal customer for that course, want to achieve. 

Ask yourself.

What is missing from them right now?

What do they want to do?

How does their life look different now without your solution? 

Then ask yourself the next set of questions: 

How is their life different after they visited your course?

What transformation will they experience?

What can they do now?

What do they have now?

What problems are gone? 

This is the very first step.

I am answering those questions. 

You know that 90% of people who create online courses never thing of those ever.

They go ahead and share all that is up in their heads.

And that will be confusing, too much, and unclear at best. 

"Ok great start, but I still have no idea what to put into my online course now"

We are getting there, keep on reading. 

If you figured out where an ideal customer is right now and what they get after they are done with your course, you certainly agree that this transformation won't happen all by itself overnight in just one single step, wouldn't you? 

Me neither, it would be somewhat unrealistic, considering that customers won't have your level of expertise in it; otherwise, they wouldn't need it in the first place, would they? 

Your next step to get to an online course that rocks are this: 

Map out everything, and I mean everything, a person has to do to get to the promised result. 

Every step, every understanding, anything they need to learn, do, experience, follow.


Don't spare anything.

Give it you are all. 

After you have mapped that out, you're not done! Not for a long shot.

As this overview now, it would be too much for anybody to consume.

Especially somebody with no or only a little knowledge in your area. 

"So, what do I do now with my outline, and how do I make a fantastic online course with it?"

We are getting there right now! 

Read over your outline, and start kicking out anything too much, goes too deep to fast, or is just too complicated for anyone to know at this level. 

Then kick out everything you do not want to do or cover! 

Then decide on 3 to 9 steps that you want to cover in your online course. 

Next up sort those steps so that it makes sense and provides an increasing difficulty. 

Start with the easiest, the absolute baseline of knowledge and skills needed to achieve the goal. 

You would be surprised how many don't know those already.

So, make sure to cover them. 

When you have your steps listed out, the next thing to do is to work into their depth. 

Take each step and look at it in detail. 

What sub-steps are to take, what lessons to learn to master that step, what to implement, use, know, etc.… 

Figure that out, and you are on your way to map out the content for your online course. 

Remember to avoid the curse of knowledge.

Meaning, keep your explanations simple.

Simple enough that seven years old can understand it easily. 

After you've got it all mapped out, all you need to do is record your single steps, each in one video.

Keep it to one topic in a video only and figure out how you will deliver it. 

Bonus tip:

Always create handouts and audio files added to your videos.

Raise the value of what people are getting! 

Let's get started when you focus on creating this online course outline; you will be surprised how fast you have something viable.  

See you tomorrow.

Sunny regards.  


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