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Digitize Master Series - Part 100

How to Seed Launch your Product and Services 

This is the digitize Master Series - online composed of videos, blogs, posts, and podcasts that will help you build a foundation for success online. If you follow this series, you will get everything you need to make money online.

DEC 09, 2019


Having a strategy on how to roll out your services and products even before they are available is a real game-changer. It will be safe you time and money!  

Hi, it’s time to digitize.

Let’s check out seed Launched for your products and services.  

This could be a book of its own, so please forgive me if I keep it very simple and short for this blog.  

The first thing to know is that you can seed launch anything. 

And just like a farmer sowing first, then nurturing the seed until it’s a sprout, and keep on caring until the plant is big enough to carry the fruits of all the labor, seed launching your products is the same process. 

You should avoid some common mistakes that I can see almost everywhere happening. 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"Seed launch without being annoying"

Seed launching has nothing to do with you running around shouting – buy my stuff now! 

It’s more of an art. 

The art of delivering value and building goodwill in your market. 

All the while, you are tying back in your upcoming product launch. 

You can do that in numerous ways, really. 

One of the most powerful is what you experience with the digitize master’s series here. 

Over the course of all those videos, blogs, podcasts, again, and again you heard the name digitize masters.

And it just happens to be my newest online product for you. 

If you like to see more about it, you are in luck, as there might be the possibility of joining a webinar with me for it, for free.

Check it out here! 

But attention, if the link doesn’t work, then the time is already up.

And I stick to my word.


Did you see what I did there? 

Seed launching your product can be done without having to write and record tons of videos. 

Social Media is your new best friend in doing this organically. 

Here is how: 

Record live videos on Facebook / Youtube! 

Talk about how you can add value, then give something that adds value already, and then tie back in your upcoming product launch. 

That is how you sow the seeds. 

"How to pull that seed launch off?"

There are different phases to it — sowing and planting the seeds. 

Then Pre-Launching – even though your online course might not be ready yet. 

This can be done with Facebook Live and Youtube Live, Webinars, and other means to get it to more people. 

What you do Is offering early access to a discount. 

And then finally moving over into the official launch phase with another offer, lower discount, different bonus content, etc.… 

To then kick off the product or services officially and closing the doors for people to join in. 

This is, of course, just one way of doing it.

And there are plenty of possibilities. 

For one, you could record five videos, open them in a sequence for free on an individual webpage, to then head over to a final launch video with the sales part inside of it. 

No matter how you want to do it, it would help if you started before you have developed all your content for your new program or online course. 

And yes, you can do that as long as you keep your word!

Remember, we talked about that in this blog

Come up with your strategy and get your products promoted naturally.  

See you tomorrow.

Sunny regards.    


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