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Digitize Master Series – Part 113

How to structure a Video 

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DEC 22, 2019


With a clear structure everything is getting easier

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Today I want to give you a beautiful structure that you can use to make your videos shine.  

And no, I don’t mean glowing in the dark or stuff…  

I mean, making them stand out, impactful, authentic, and balanced.  

Where do we start?  

First up – the overview, and then we dive right into how to do it here.  

1.Your Content 

2.Your Hook 

3.Your Story 

4.Your Benefits and Learning Points 

5.Your Call to Action 

To have a simple video structure will save you much time and gives you a red-thread going forwards. 

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“How do I structure my videos in detail?”

Let’s dive right in.  

First of all, the Content is essential and how you deliver it even more so.  

If you are not entertaining or at least super authentic, you won’t reach many hearts with your Content.

Thanks to the right preparation, this crucial part of your video structure will be more comfortable than ever.  

Important here:

Focus on one thing per video only!

Do not mix up stuff.  

Then write down an outline.

A couple of bullet points or speak entirely from your heart.  

If you haven’t done much clarity work on yourself or your services, you want to create that outline first.  

Then find out what the main takeaways are from your outline.

What if your knowledge will help the most?  

What is easy to understand and to do?  

How can you communicate it effectively?   

“From your outline, the whole rest of your structure evolves”

Take your draft now and retake a look at it. 

Out of what can you design a stunning fact.

Something fresh, or desirable that you can use to hook people into your video or Content?  

You have 1 – 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention.

Not more.  

See, that’s why you need a strong hook for your video upfront.  

Before you introduce yourself before you talk about anything, hook them in. Give them a reason to listen to you longer.  

Trigger them.

Touch them emotionally.

Wake their interest.  

However, you want to do it.

Do it upfront!  

The next step is your story.  

The more personal and authentic you are telling your story.

And the more emotional available you are doing so, the better.  

See people love stories, and they open them up for more.

With a novel, you make sure that they listen and are ready to learn from you or follow your advice after.  

“You got to mix point 4 into your video structure while you are telling your story! ”

Wait a moment?  

When do I introduce myself?  

Yes, you are right!

You should do that between your Hook and Story or at the beginning of your story.  

Make it short but to the point.

Use your “One-Sentence-Introduction” to do it within 30 seconds or less.  

The video isn’t about you.

It’s about the viewer.  

Ok, now that is out of the way, let’s focus in your video structure again on the Benefits and Takeaways for the viewer.  

While you are telling your story, tie specific experiences or awakening moments into benefits for the viewer.  

Something like – And finally, I understood how to reach my ideal client.

Only by doing this: _________

And you can do the very same as well, try it out immediately!  

Then you continue with your story.  

Tie in 2 maximum 3 of those little learning points and also bring them around to a benefit.

Like – when you do this, you will increase your sales by 20% or something like that.   

“The last thing in your structure is the call to action”

Every video, every piece of Content of yours should have a call to action.  

See, without telling your viewers or audience what you expect them to do, they won’t do it.  

People need to know what you intended for them.  

With that in mind, add at least one better two calls to action.

One that you seed throughout your video.

Something like – if you like this, make sure to subscribe for more.   

Or register for my upcoming free webinar.

Etc…pp…  It can be so easy.

All you need to do is creating your structure, so you have a guideline to follow and create killer content from now on out.  

Enjoy that, and I see you tomorrow again.   

Sunny Regards    


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