YouTube and Facebook - Why You Should Keep It Separate

Digitize Master Series - Part 115

Why to keep Youtube & FB separated 

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DEC 27, 2019


Not everyone is playing nicely together. 

Hi, it’s time to digitize. 

Today we explore why you should keep Facebook and YouTube separated at all times. 

There are quarrels amongst brands, much like humans quarrel. 

Maybe because a Brand is made up of human intention. 

Anyhow, two of the giants on the market don’t like it too much if their traffic goes somewhere else. 

For them, it is all about retention. 

I am retaining the attention of people who visit their pages with them! 

So, the longer a visitor that is on your page stays.

The higher those platforms value you. 

And then increase your organic reach. 

That means you will reach more people.

Impressive, isn’t it. 

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"Now let’s check out what I mean by keep YouTube and Facebook Separated"

It is quite easy. 

Facebook has a plan to become the biggest Video-hosting platform on the market, which means stealing as much traffic as possible from YouTube. 

It is an ambitious goal, really, even for a Giant like Facebook. 

Youtube is the second most-watched page on the planet directly after Google. 

Every time you link to one of your YouTube videos on Facebook directly… they will punish your reach for that. 

Up until the point where your posts don’t reach anyone but those who actively go looking for them.

The other way around isn’t much different. 

Here is a little trick: 

1.Write a short blog or Intro to your video 

2.Put that on your webpage 

3.Make sure it has at least 300 words so it can rank on its own on google too. 

4.Place the Youtube Video

5.Link in that blog Link on Facebook, only your blog. 

That way, you create your content, and that will be seen as valuable from Facebook as creative content is a want.

Google will love you for publishing relevant content as well.


You keep YouTube out of Facebook, and the other way around, and you are golden. 

See yourself a bit like a mediator between two giants.

And make sure they don’t direct their wrath towards you! 

Not healthy … lol. 

On Youtube, make sure that you do not link directly to Facebook Videos or Posts.

Please keep it simple with your main Page or Group. 

That’s it. 

Enjoy the little hacks and get to work.  

Sunny Regards  


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