What you Love -One Questions to Answer to Crush Your Goals

Digitize Master Series - Part 2

One Question to Answer, to Crush Your Goals and Make Them Real!

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SEP 2, 2019


Do What you Love to Gain Energy!

Welcome, it is time to digitize, and in this part, I would like to ask you a question:

What is your passion, what would you most like to do?

When we look at our world, our society, our families, we have all often heard that you must work hard to achieve your goals. That work is just work and must be hard, right?

You have to work your way through it, and that must not be fun or meaningful, because it is only working anyways.

We want to earn our money hard, and we can only do that

by spending our energy, our time and our lives on it.

And all of it just to get a little bit of money once a month.

That little bit is usually not even enough to really survive.

Many people then have no money left at the end of the month.

Also, come that many are in debt or they do not even come

to the end of the month.

But the worst situation is when at the end of your money still is a lot of months left.

Maybe you have heard this before. Perhaps you experience one of these situations yourself.

What ideas come to you when you think about work and money?

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

It really doesn't have to be that way! 

"Becoming the Version of Yourself That You Always Were Meant to be, Takes Courage. But it Will set you Free!"

I want to give you an example of myself because I love what I do!

Every single day, I love it so much that I sit up to 16 hours in my office. To this said, it is my own office. I sit at my computer to help people realize their life goals! Be it through coaching or in the digital world.

I also like to help with the direct implementation with applications and everything the technology has to offer. Marketing on all levels, authentic and real digitalizing from your own strength are very different things.

But always precisely what my client need from me, to master the next step.

This is probably exactly THAT for me, the variety of these possibilities in combination, helping other people to

improve their lives! That's why I love to go one step further every day with this content (like here in the blog).

It's vital to me that you understand that you, every single person, can earn money with what you enjoy!

Think back to the last video, if you haven't seen it yet, then hop and have a look at it here: Watch Video 1 Now!

But then you should make sure that you come back here to get the next pearl, that you can use to digitize yourself.

In the video, we talked about your strength and that precisely this is the magic of how you can earn money with joy.

So, when something really gives you pleasure, it becomes easy.

"This is how you get energy back"

"Follow Your Heart, Your Passion, What You Love, And You Never Have to Work a Single Day in Your Life Again!"

wcf banner 2 more wealth

If it gives you joy, it will cost you no energy, but it will bring energy.

You will not get up in the morning and think, oh man..., Monday again!

I felt the sameway for years.

That changed when I found, applied, and mastered the methods I teach you here in this digitization series. 

Then you can get up and think: "cool another day where I can help people improve their lives with what I love."

And that's what you like to do, with your strength!

You can use your abilities, your talents, and your passion and still have joy.

You should understand that you can earn money with what you love!

If you do not believe, no problem. I give you an example here:

Imagine you breed rabbits, and you love these animals above all else. You love

to extend their lifespan and give them a beautiful life. So you breed solid


Then their users ...sorry, sounds stupid, owner, also that sounds stupid. Well, owner, what else should it be, people who are looking for such a rabbit. If that gives you pleasure, and you are right, then you can also demand money for it. Now you can teach the buyers how to increase the life expectancy of the animals.

(It's all about the added Value you give - and how well it is perceived!)

So that the rabbits will not only live 2 years but 8 or 9 years as it is in the wild.

If you would do all this for free now, you would probably burn out sooner or later or stop.

Maybe only because you don't think it could be worth anything.

Recognize Your Value

"It all starts within you! When you let your light shine, the world is going to change for you."

Now a family father comes and gives his daughter a rabbit that he bought from you. If he doesn't have to explain to her early on, that the Bunny died, that is priceless.

Thanks to your tips and your knowledge the Bunny lives on and on.

Hence, you have provided immeasurable added value. As a father of 5 children, I can tell you that it is worth gold. Especially when your daughter is only 4 years old.

Look, I've taken enough courses to learn how to offer our dog we have a beautiful life with healthy food, massages, and care. And yes, that's what I paid for, of course.

Furthermore, if you go outside with your strength, then you do what you love. If you are allowed to work with joy, you don't lose energy, you gain energy!

If you work with joy, if you are enthusiastic about it, if you do with love what fully occupies you, then you have the key to a happy, self-determined life in your hand.

Everything else has to begin with appreciation towards yourself!

Ask yourself now: What is your passion, what would you most like to do?

And we'll see you again in the next blog/video

Bye Bye! And Sunny Regards


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