One sentence introduction - what exactly is that?🤩

Digitize Master Series - Part 16

What's that one sentence introductions?

This is the digitize Master Series - online composed of videos, blogs, posts, and podcasts that will help you build a foundation for success online. If you follow this series, you will get everything you need to make money online.

SEP 16, 2019


Quick and direct. This is how you should introduce yourself to be understood!

Hello, hello, it's time to digitize!

Sweet that you are here again and now it's about your

"one-sentence introduction"!

What do I mean by "one-sentence introduction"?

First of all, understand what it brings you when you prepare your "one sentence introduction." It will set you apart from

the rest of the world; it will make you unique, unique, and entertaining!

This will draw attention to you above all!

Here you can see my "one-sentence introduction":

"I am Stefan Logar, the world's first digital life

enhancement expert, and my typical customers are entrepreneurs, self-employed, and people who want to achieve more online!

I help them to digitize themselves authentically, genuinely,

and humanly. This helps them save time doing the things they love. We automate their business to reach more people with their message.

This is a "one-sentence introduction" that is short, crisp, and in about 30 seconds, everything essential tells!

You should pay attention to this when preparing your


Let's take my performance apart for this. I said:

I am the WORLD FIRST. Am I the first person in the world to do this? No, probably not, but I am the only one who combines it the way I do.Moreover, I have customers all over the world from America to England, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, even Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippines!

I help people everywhere to digitalize themselves.

That's why I'm the WORLD FIRST.

We can't go any more significant than global.

We don't have a colony on Mars, do we?

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

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It is vital that you always choose a scaling larger than you are active at the moment. If, for example, you only act locally, then extend it to the state, or the federal state, or the entire country directly.

If we take a closer look at the word "first," we can exchange it with different keywords.

Other words would be, for example, Best, Number 1, #1, Premium, Top, etc.

Please choose one of them or find others that describe you even better.

If you then start to explain everything more with the results you can achieve for others, then you stand out from the rest of your competition!

Let's say you are a house seller, and you are a real estate agent, someone who sells houses or a broker. If you call yourself that now, you make yourself comparable on the market.

Also, that's never a good idea! If you're an architect and you call yourself the world's best architect, you're

more likely to smile and amuse.

That means people probably won't believe you. Unless, of course, you can prove or prove your statement.

Besides, the title architect makes you comparable again.

People will immediately compare your prices, check the service they get from you.

So that only works poorly for you.

However, if you're the world's best life improver, which is just an example, I'm just thinking it out. I don't prepare anything like that, I always speak from the heart.

Alternatively, maybe the premium home design professional for private homes, then you stand out from the others. You do something special that arouses curiosity and attention.

"Create Attention!"

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If you have the attention, you've almost won. This is the very first step in marketing: Secure your attention!

Then it comes down to turning the attention into real interest, and then you get it to buy.

Again, when you see my logo - The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert - you notice that the title says exactly what you get.

I improve your digital life and help you establish yourself online and offline

until you reach your next level.

If you take your thing now, whatever you do, and find out what results you're producing with your ideal customer, you have the direction for your logo.

Stick to a variant that suits you.

Post it here under the blog, and I'll see that I give feedback.

Then you describe who your typical customer is! If you don't have one yet, use your ideal customer avatar. 

For example, My typical customer is an entrepreneur or self-employed person who would like to be more successful online.

These are the first few words in my descriptions of the

"one-sentence Introduction."

"Take your time for your one-sentence introduction!"

Directly after that comes the solution you offer! Ultimately, how do you help your ideal customer reach XYZ?

In my case, it is: I help them to digitize themselves humanely, authentically, and genuinely.

So they can be understood in the marketplace and make money online with their strengths while doing what they love. Without having to deal with technology.

This gives you a super lovely entry pitch for people to get them interested and get closer to you!

They also directly understand if they are in the right place with you to get what they are looking for.

Work now on your own "one sentence introductions" because this will help you to position yourself uniquely online and offline.

It sets you apart from the rest of the market and draws attention to you. I am happy that you are here and that you can take much valuable knowledge with you.

I will see you again tomorrow,Bye Bye and sunny regards


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Stefan Logar

The World's First Digital Life Enhancement Expert

With more than 67'348 hours in personal development and masterminds both as participant and mentor, Stefan brings the best from the international business-world paired with the newest knowledge from the digital world to the table. A unique, yet very powerful combination. Stefan's Clients Learn how to powerfully, authentically digitize, while staying human and uniquely themselves! They get what's working and avoid overwhelm at the same time. Finally you can do what you love!