Promise - You should only do that if you can keep it!

Digitize Master Series - Part 96

Only Promise what you can keep 

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DEC 05, 2019


Coming across people who actually tell you what they can do, and not what you wish they could do for you, is rare, even rarer is that person that then actually keeps his word! 

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

Keep your word!  

Easy three-word sentence there!  

And not so easy to deliver on at all times.  

Look, we all know that live can happen!  

And it can get very ugly.  

A lot of times we just drop off the face of earth and hope the storm passes.

And when we decide to deal with adversity that way, we do more harm than good.  

A realization that really helps out here is that:  

People do not know what is going on in your life.

They have no idea what you are dealing with.

And they won’t know up until the point when you actually open up and tell them.  

That way, you can bring transparency, and clarity to the table and then can go ahead and deal with whatever life had to offer.  

See communication is a key element.

When you do that proper, you can always keep your promise.  

Even if that means to take a detour, more time, a different approach or anything in between.  

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"A promise is made easy, keeping it is entirely a different story"

Especially when you sign up new clients, be crystal clear about the what and how things are going to happen.  

How much of your time will you give to them?  

When will they be able to talk to you, what will you do in a certain frame and so forth.  

See, how everything is spinning back around transparency.  

It should be a core principle in the way you live and work.  

Here is the thing, it’s nice to tell someone exactly what they want to hear.

And it’s cute at best.  

However, fulfilling on the biggest promises isn’t going to be easy.

Here is how you can make sure that you can fulfill!  

Base all your promises on your strength.

Your Expertise.

The topic or place where you are just unbeatable good at.  

Have clarity on all levels for yourself.

Know what you are capable of and know when to get support from other experts. 

Don’t do it all alone! 

See, things can be easy as soon you start to play a bigger game with a clearer picture.  

At the end of the day, it is up to you, how much you want to give and how long you go down the road alone.  

Keep your mind and eye on what you promised to deliver and then bring that to the table first.  

Make sure you always give a bit more than what you promised on.  

It is a great way to ensure customer loyalty and is setting you up to win the long game!  

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See you tomorrow.   

Sunny Regards  


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