No - that's why it's important that you learn to say it!

Digitize Master Series - Part 103

Why it is so essential to Learn to say no 

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DEC 12, 2019


More potent than YES, is NO.

Hi, it’s time to digitize. 

This time I want to share a secret that we all should use more often. 

It’s the power of saying, “NO.” 

See, I never met a person that wasn’t trying to please the people around them. 

It’s almost a social curse. 

You are saying Yes to everything to be the OK Guy for everybody. 

The danger here is that people do not even appreciate it, and how can they.

When you say YES, they assume correctly that it is OK for you.

If it isn’t, then you shouldn’t have said YES in the first place. 

So, saying no is a way of protecting yourself and your energy. 

Saying no doesn’t me NO forever. 

Start to communicate a bit more in-depth about what your NO means!  

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You won’t believe how liberating it can be to say NO every once in a while. 

It also will help you to protect your interest, by the way. 

Next to it, when you feel in your heart and guts that something isn’t right, start to say NO. 

If a client is persistent and wants something immediately, that really should and can wait.

Offer an alternative other than right away! 

If you overload yourself with new things to do, you are not going to do yourself and your clients a favor. 

The opposite is exact. 

When to say no isn’t always as easy.

The very best tip I have for you here is to start listening to your heart. 

Oh yeah, and your gut-feeling. 

We all have it… that external pressure was building up just below your stomach. 

That can feel like a node in your guts. When this is paired with a heavy heart and strange thoughts… you got to listen to that. 

It’s telling you:

“Stay away, don’t do it!” 

"Weighing your inner world to say yes or to say no"

On the other hand, if you feel tranquil, happy, relieved, and fresh when somebody is asking you something to do.

Or an opportunity blends in … then the first thing to do is check back in with your heart and gut. 

After you feel that everything is at ease, even contact excited.

It’s good to give it a couple of moments before jumping on it. 

Depending on what is going on, you might want to talk a bit more details about the opportunity or request. 

Understanding the depth and involvement might help to come to a more natural answer faster. 

The last thing to do before saying no or yes, is to check back with yourself and see if you are jumping on an impulse based on your ego or the great promise of something you were looking for, in a long time. 

See, we tend to jump on things based on our brains and thoughts only… that is where your impulses are coming from, and the risk to lose money is entailed there. 

When you wait a while and see how your inner world changes then you need to look out for the feeling of wanting it and how it is getting stronger and stronger, and your heart and gut is yelling at you:

“do it!” just overall you feel excitement, energy, and flow within you thinking about the opportunity. 

It takes a bit of practice, in any case. 

And you might not get it right all the time! 

And that is OK. 

When you are not sure, say, No! 

That said… practice it… and don’t be shy to explain your reasoning.

And your decisions in more detail. 

Never assume that somebody else knows your intention or reason.  

Sunny Regards  


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