Christmas Story - That's how the Christmas miracle took off!

Christmas Special – Part 2

Welcome back to a Christmas Tale and a story on digitization – Part 2 

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DEC 25, 2019


 In the darkest hour, believe in the light, and you will find it!

Hi, and welcome back to this year’s true Christmas story.    

There I was,    Nothing to show for.  

No money 

No income 

No security 

No work 

No business 

No opportunities 

No one to help 

And in front of a disaster   

Instead of putting my head into the sand, I started pressing forward.   

I refused to give up and let this destroy my family.  

I fought so hard for this.

And now I won’t let anything take it away from me.    

I was scared.

And I turned the fear into a driver.    

The pressure wasn’t all too good, really.

But it made me move — a lot.    

The first thing I did was sitting down, examine my situation in great detail.  

I looked at every angle and every bit of my life.    

I listed out the most critical points that I wanted to change.    

On top of that list was the death of my wife.

I wouldn’t let that happen.   

But what could I do?  

How would I do it?    

I had no idea.    

That’s when I understood one thing:    

I remembered a couple of my mentors and what their advice was for me, way back.  

I didn’t understand it then… but it started to become more transparent now.    

To manage this situation, I needed to do two things!  

One: tap into my resourcefulness 

Two: speaking my truth   

See, my mentors told me this: “Stefan, for you to have a breakthrough, you need to speak your truth!”  

I heard that from a multimillionaire with 40 own businesses.    

I hadn’t even one yet.    

And – “Know who you are and what you want.

The rest comes to you from alone” Heard that from one of my favorite mentors for long years.    

Then I started asking a question that 95% of our population don’t know the answer too.   

“Who AM I?”    

Instead, who did I wanted to be!    

The man that has nothing and was watching his family fall to pieces while hiding in a small room at his parent’s rental?    


I wanted to be the Hero of the story.

The savior.

The knight in shining Armor.  

Call it what you want, I needed to win!  

That’s when I sat down and started to write out what I truly wanted.  

Who I wanted to be and whom I needed to become to get this solved?  

I dug deep into my mind, ideas, talents… what I loved doing really.  

And I always asked myself one question… what I can do to make someone else’s life better.  

I heard it too many times without ever really acting on it.  

If you want to get what you want, then help others get what they want.  

It took me two days. 

Then I had my answers… I didn’t sleep… until I got them.

After that, I slept the whole 3rd day, and on day 4, I started to implement what I had found.  

I finally had found what I wanted and needed to be “The World’s First Digital Life Enhancement Expert.”  

That was the start of my journey…  

Read on tomorrow if you’re going to find out what happened next and if I could save the life of my late wife… I only had 26 days left before nobody could help her anymore. 

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