Clarity - How my true Christmas miracle happened

Christmas Special - Part 3

Welcome back to a Christmas Tale and a story on digitization – Part 3 

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DEC 26, 2019


Hi, and welcome back,  

We left off with me, finding out whom I needed to be and that I needed to make the lives of others better to solve my predicament.  

I finally dialed into clarity.

Much needed clarity.  

And now, I started to focus on other people that I could help with my skills and talents that I had honed to perfection within the past three years of an otherwise unfruitful business-partnership.  

Understand me right, and I am grateful for the time and experiences.

They are truly priceless.  

And those three years are anything but wasted.  

There I was…

Twenty-six days to go before nobody could help my Wife anymore.  

I had a clear deadline in the most real sense of the word.  

No time to waste, I started to write as many entrepreneurs and self-employed people I could find on Facebook and LinkedIn as humanly possible.  

Within two days, I had chats with over 220 people and wrote 400 in total.  

And no, I never asked them for help.

I never told them my dire situation.  

I focused on them and their businesses entirely.  

See, I understood that I never would get anywhere if my energy would go into all those things I didn’t want.  

I shifted it.

Away from the need to raise the money, apart from my sick late Wife, away from the danger and suffering.  

I shifted it towards how I could be of service to others.  

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"Do you think that shift saved the life of my Wife, or did I just go insane and didn’t want to deal with the situation at hand? Read on to find out. "

Here I was, chatting my day away while my Wife was waiting for the call that would save her life or doom her.  

After talking with those entrepreneurs about their biggest struggles…

I could offer around 150 of those 400 a way out for them.

I knew with my expertise; I could help them.  

So, I told them exactly that.

And you might think now I went insane.

I offered to do it for free in a 1-hour session.  

80 people of those 150 said yes!  

And they booked an appointment within the same week still.

One week before Christmas, to be exact.  

It was my condition that we needed to have this call now!  

Eighty potential clients that I would help for free.  

How should that save my late Wife?  

I was sure it would!  I finally found my way.

I had clarity.

So much of it that I could see everything like a roadmap in front of me.  

I saw how I raised the needed money and saved the life of my late Wife.

I could see each call playing out, and I knew in my heart who would go on with me together after that call!

I just knew it.  

It was like an angel sitting on my shoulder, showing me what I needed to see to gain the confidence to appeal to anyone positively.  

Don’t forget I had nothing to show, no money to my name, no track record, but failures.

And no clients too.  

“No one said it was going to be easy!”

I heard that in my head.

Loud and clear.  

I forgot about my connection to my own trusted sources.  

It might sound like magic or that I went bonkers.

But yes, I discovered my higher life purpose just a couple of months ago… and didn’t do anything with it.  

Now I heard the voice.

It wasn’t my own, nor was it a thought.  

I talked with the source.  

And asked to supply me with all I need to master this situation.  

And they did!  

Within the next week and 80 calls later.  

28 People signed a contract worth 1’500 € each.  

For the first time in 3 years, I earned money!

Enough to pay the hospital.  It was a real Christmas miracle.

One that I created myself with relentless purposeful correct action dedicated to making the life of others better.  

No matter how hard your life gets.

There is always hope.

There is still away.  

You just need to be stubborn and willing enough to walk the path despite all the fear and drama that unfolds around you.  

Keep your eyes on your goals and how you want to live.

Ignore the rest!

Blend it out of your vision and thoughts.  

Cut through the pain and worry and know that it all will be good finally.  

I learned valuable lessons at that time.

All those years back.  

The biggest lessons were:  

Focus on finding answers to gain clarity about:  

Who you are and whom you want to be.  

What you want to do truly 

What you love 

For whom you want to do it 

Why you want to do it 

What you want to achieve 

Why you want to achieve it  

How you want to achieve it  

Then figure out how to be of service to others and make the life better of your fellow human beings.

That is when you start being successful.  

Shift the focus to others, and you will take care of yourself much better in return.  

Just know this.

You are good enough.  

You are ENOUGH.

The way you are right now.  

You just need to start.   

I wish you a blessed Christmas time.

Much love and joy.

And a successful start into the next year! 

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