Your strength - the number 1 mistake entrepreneurs are making!

Digitize Master Series - Part 1

The Number 1 Mistake People Are Making When It Comes to Their Strength

This is the prelude to an intense online series of videos, blogs, posts, and podcasts that will help you build a foundation for success online. If you follow this series, you will get everything you need to make money online.

SEP 1, 2019


With a little shift in your focus, you can move mountains. See what I mean with more focus on your strength.

Hi and welcome it's time to digitize; let's dive into why your strength is so important.

Maybe you heard people talking about that your strength is your foundation for success and wealth.

Alternatively, you heard other people talking about your weaknesses and what you're not good at, those things you hate doing.  

Pesky little things, you don't like.  

Things you dislike, and how you should work on these things instead, to get better at them to finally use them for something good.

Maybe to then get the next promotion, getting to

the next level of life, or whatever you want to do with that. 

Here's the thing:

forget your weaknesses!

Everything you're not good at;

that you don't like;

forget about that!  

If it is a necessity, something you have to do in your daily life, okay, get good enough to get by and then find someone who loves it, who has his genius and excellence in this place!

Outsource the whole thing, give it away, let someone else do it!

Don't focus on your weaknesses. They will never be something you will love to do, no matter how hard you work on them! 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"What you do not like will cost you energy doing it. What you love will bring you energy." - That's why the focus on your strength is so important

Focus on your strengths, and you will excel in it!

This is magic!

Okay when you go into your strengths, into the thing you really love to do, whatever that is, and you find a way how to do this thing, your talent, your skill, your hobby, to other people in a way to improve their lives, to solve a problem, to get an issue out of the way then you have the real foundation of wealth.  

You can use that, and of course, you can develop skills that are in line with what you love to do.

For example:

if you like to talk, you can extend the ability to speak on stage, in front of a lot of people (professional speaking).

You can also develop skills in all other areas of your life.

If you love mathematics, well, why not try to get into coding and building applications, because you will need your mathematical skills there.

You surely agree that I could give you many examples, but I want to keep this short and to the point. 

To bring it back to your strength, this is where your zone of excellence and your zone of genius will be discovered by you and through your application to address those abilities; you will know what skills you have to refine in your strength.

Honestly, it will be fun for you because it is what you love to do.

Getting better at something we love to do, helps us excel in our lives. It helps us excel other people lives as well. And it definitely helps you earn money.

Of course, you can ask: "what has that all to do with digitization?

"Wow, good question there!"

The answer is straightforward:  

You can go and do anything offline!

If you love to golf, and you're good at it, you can go teach others how to golf!

Well, go ahead, you can do anything offline wholly.

However, if you want to reach many people if you're going to be an impact in this world, then there is no way around the digital space. 

If you want to be taken seriously and seen as a real authentic person that knows what they are doing, even you're doing it only offline then you need to be online. 

If you're not online people won't believe you. 

"More Freedom, Wealth, and Success is in arms reach for you... all thanks to your strength!"

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The new generations, they check first their phones even you stand in front of them with a product in your hands.

They will check their phone and if you're not visible online if you're not telling the same things, that you'll let them now in a real conversation.

If you don't have this online, they won't believe you. 

They will not think that you're a real human, even if they would reach out with their hands now,they could touch you. 

Okay so that maybe sounds crazy and accelerated on a different level, doesn't it? it isn't!

It's thereality now. 

The future generationis growing up with a phone in their hands.

They have phones and apps and YouTube songs and stuff like that, so if you're not visible for them, you are not real. 

This is why your strength is so important! 

Your strength deliversyou the first foundation, to digitize yourself because if you have no fun, if you don't know what to do, well then it won't work for you. 

Right? Right! 

Moreover, if you're stressed, if you hassle only if you run into one blockage one issue after another, you will lose the mood to come to pursue your dreams. 

That's what I'm telling you: YOUR online success hangs in the balance of you sabotaging everything you want, or you are doing what you love so dearly that you always find a way to make it happen.  

Look, I know how that feels, especially if you were like in my age or older already. I'm in the 30s. This new generation that doesn't believe you if you are not online is daunting!Isn't it? 

Your strength is super important; it's what you love to do, and when you dive into that and build up your strengths and your skills around your strength and combine them, you have the foundation for wealth! 

Then you have a real foundation to make an impact in the world one that you can scale online into any level you want. 

This is why you go online! If you want to be successful, do it with your strength; anything else will be stressful, a hassle. I would say: most likely; it will never work out for you.

Decide to go with your strength today.


Stay awesome!

We see us next time… tune back in tomorrow!

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