Data Privacy - This is the reason number 1 why it is important!

Digitize Master Series - Part 94

The number 1 reason why Data Privacy is important 

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DEC 03, 2019


Those who are careless about each other end up being punished. 

Hi, it’s time to digitize. 

This topic might be a bit dry and annoying; nevertheless, it is crucial. 

Data Privacy. 

Every human being has a right to privacy.

And in the digital age, we do uphold this right in the form of Data Privacy. 

That, however, isn’t too easy at all times. 

With giants like Google and Facebook collecting a myriad of unspeakable amounts of data daily and every webpage that anybody can run doing the same with cookies, connections to apps, and registration-forms, it becomes hard to watch out for other peoples Data Privacy. 

But does it? 

Stefan Logar Presents

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In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"How to make sure to follow Data Privacy laws"

The only right answer here is – do it. 

First of all, a little disclaimer here:

I am not a lawyer nor a data privacy expert or agent of any sort. 

However, I’ve checked into the topic for you, and found a couple of vital pointers that you should head! 

1.Have your Imprints written in great detail. Show and give enough opportunity on your webpage to see who you are and who is responsible for the content. 

2.Create a professional Data Privacy Page – you can use online services for that or even plugins for WordPress and other pages. 

3.Have a cookie notification 

4.Ask for consent. Nothing is taken as a given any longer. 

1.That means every form, registration, sign-up, submission of data, etc... needs to have a checkbox that explains the Data Privacy Settings and that people agree to those. 

2.Link to your Data Privacy, Cookie Policies, and Imprint on every page! YES, even on Landing-pages! 

3.Have every opt-in confirmed with a double-opt-in setting. That means that a person that is signing up with you on any given list has to approve the sign-up by answering an email. (usually clicking a link in a confirmation email) 

"But creating that all is super difficult, and Data Privacy is an elusive topic too"

Don’t despair;

I highly recommend you use WordPress for most if not all your online solutions or all in one Platforms. 

Like Kartra here!

Check it out!

There are many reasons to do that.

Still, one for sure is the multitude of possible Data Privacy and DSVGO Plugins that help to uphold them. 

One of my favorites here is Compliant.

You can search it under Plugins and Add New in the WordPress plugin store. 

Most Plugins have a free setting.

If you want an all-around solution, you got to pay up a premium plugin. 

Complianz gives you the option for that as well, creating for you every possible setting you need. 

Attention, not all of those generic things, premium or not, maybe suitable for your endeavor.

You might need the eye of a professional (not me – a lawyer with Data Privacy knowledge) to get everything right. 

My final tip for you here, do a bit more than is needed and spend a bit of money on it. 

It can get costly and nasty for you and your business.

It could potentially end anything you are doing online before it even started.  

See you tomorrow!  

Sunny Regards  


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