Testimonials - The secret to building your credibility

Digitize Master Series - Part 101

The Secrets to Testimonials and Social Proof 

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DEC 10, 2019


Building credibility is done faster if others are doing it for you!

Hi, it's time to digitize, and we talk about testimonials and social proof. 

This is something you need if you want to, first of all, grow your business, and secondly, if you're going to get more clients. 

There are different ways on how to approach that.

One of the best ideas is having great timing and the right results. 

Let's explore what I mean by that here. 

When other people have good things to say about you, it would be a shame if nobody ever hears what they have to say. 

That is why you need to collect testimonials and social proof. 

The very best way is the video for that. 

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"When to ask for testimonials and social proof?"

One common mistake is to wait up until after you concluded your contract with somebody. 

The journey is always more powerful than the end. 

Whenever your customers experience a victory, a more significant breakthrough, or understanding, than is the time to ask them to record that for you and tie it back to your program, course, services… 

And to make that happen in a significant way, I will share with you a powerful script that your customers can follow to make their video testimonials for you great to increase your social proof. 

To make sure this is clear: 

The right time to ask for a testimonial is:

When your client is happy, has a success, understanding, and shares with you how excited he is about that. 

"This script for testimonials will change everything"

Ok, it's simple, doesn't say what exactly to say or do, and gives the framework to have your clients do testimonials for you in under 2 minutes 😀 

That is, by the way, the perfect length for a testimonial video too. 


  1. Introduction – who are they what are they doing? 
  2. What problems and obstacles did they face? 
  3. Why did they start working with you? 
  4. How does the work with you make them feel? 
  5. What are results tangible or otherwise (emotional) 
  6. Recommendation to work with you  That's it — a clear outline. 

To make your testimonial videos and social proof even stronger.

It would help if you kept an eye on the quality of the videos you are getting. 

The better, the higher. 

What to look out for exactly? 

Ok, first of Light!

Make sure to tell your customers to have enough light when they record. 

Video quality is next. 

You do not need a professional camera; however, a smartphone of the newer generations would be advisable. 

Recorded only in landscape format to match 16:9 HD settings is also advisable. 

Lastly, sound quality. 

Usually, the microphone of any new smartphone is good enough, if your customer does have a lavalier mic, tell them to use it. 

In general, the higher the quality of their recording, the better. 

Does it need to be professionally recorded?

No, we are looking for authenticity, yet keeping a balance visual and enjoyable audio quality. 

That also means that your client should place the phone somewhere stable and doesn't hold it in hand or something like that.  

Well, go ahead and collect beautiful testimonials now, you will experience them as useful and credibility building.  

Sunny Regards  


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