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ultimate-blogger-guide - Stefan Logar




You want to start blogging, but don't know where or how to start? Nothing you tried helped being ranked on google?

What this Guide does for you

Discover strategies and tricks to create a successful blog, get streams of visitors and rank on Google's page 1!

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reach your ideal audience and get your message to the world. Be seen by those who google for your content!

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Save time and money, discover how to be discovered, generate free traffic, rank well on google, and get your message shared

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Get 9 Tips that will never leave you without ideas for your articles.

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The Blogger Guide - By Marcus Leitschak - Cover Image - presented by Stefan Logar. Digital Life Enhancement
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  • Proven System with over 4 Years of experience in Blogging
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Hey I am Marcus Leitschak the author of the Blogger Primer.

I am blogging since 2016 very successfully.

With more than 390 posts, of which verified more than 15% rank on page 1, I give you all my knowledge how to get there for yourself.

This summary of the basics, is essential for your start.

What I have accomplished is also possible for you, you

just have to put it into practice.

I accompany you in the with the Blogger Guide on each of your steps.

I wish you much success!

First of all I would like to give you 3 important tips!

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Tip 1


When choosing your design, you should already have the first thought about the search engine.

Because as ingenious themes (templates) as there are out there, too many effects make your site slow.

The slower your site is, the worse your ranking will be.

That means: You will lose your readers before they have read your articles.

So: Use a theme that fits your needs, but which is as simple as possible!

Tip 2


You should be careful when writing that you don't overwhelm anyone.

Means in plain language:

Use as few technical terms as possible.

When explaining certain processes, it is best to do it with step-by-step instructions and pictures, so that every reader can follow every step.

Tip 3


If you want to sell something through your blog, your readers should see that too.

So include your Call to Actions.

You can do that in the form of a pop-up. You can create banners and place them in your sidebar (menu on the right or left side). You should also place them in your posts themselves.

But you have to make sure that it has a healthy size, otherwise you will scare away your readers!

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