Video lengths - How long should your video be to be successful?

Digitize Master Series - Part 112

How long should a video be 

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DEC 21, 2019


Length doesn’t equal quality. However, it has been proven that long-form content outperforms shorter content every time! 

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

When it comes to your content and the length of your content, it depends on what you are talking about.  

There are different uses for everything.  

A rule of thumb – the shorter and more precise your content is, the higher the possibility of having someone consume it in full.  

Furthermore, there are some exceptions and different places where you can use videos.

Let’s explore a couple of them here.  

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"Different video lengths for different purposes"

What purposes are we looking at here? 

1.Landing Page

2.Videos Sales

3.Videos Webinar-Videos 

4.Content Videos 

5.Social Media Content 

6.Generic Video Content 

7.Live Streaming 

8.Ad-Videos Testimonials and Social Proof 

There are tons of more possible videos… like online course content videos.

Teaching, or “how-to” videos, etc… 

Let’s take a quick look at any of those nine above. 

1. Landing Page Videos: 

The rule of thumb here is that: the higher the commitment that has to be made, the longer your landing page needs to be, the more detailed your video should be. 

As a rule – every landing page should have a short video from you on it — even a simple book page. 


Well, it is branding and positioning you and allows a faster connection. 

Next up the length:

For a small page, something like 40 seconds to 1 minute is beautiful… just talk about the book, sign up, the benefit that will be in it for people. 

For longer pages with more sales content, keep it longer.

Have a story that matters connected to your content.

You can have videos up to 1 hour on your page. 

"Let’s explore the other video length options"

2. Sales Videos 

Sales Videos should sell.

And that in an organic, natural, and authentic way. 

For that, you need to build a relationship in your video. 

You also need to form an emotional bond with your listener. 

And you need to build urgency and drive action. 

A sales video can be 1 minute long or 30 minutes. 

As long as you present what you want in an entertaining way, you can stretch the time near indefinitely. 

3. Webinar-Videos 

Well, everyone is saying something else here. 

It’s great to keep a webinar short, yet full of useful and applicable information. 

From 30-minute presentations, all the way up to 5 hours hands-on workshop style webinars is everything possible. 

Ask yourself what feels right for you and go with that. 

Plan for 90 minutes. 

And then see where it takes you.  

"Let’s explore the other video length options"

4. Content-Videos 

Now here every one is telling you something else… what I have noticed is beautiful is a mix. 

What do I mean by that: 

1.Mix videos between 1-7 minutes as your average length 

2.Have 20-60 minutes videos mixed in 

We already talked about building the content for those videos in an earlier blog.  


1.Have a hook something to draw attention 

2.Have a story that compels 

3.Have 1 or 2 Learning points with applicable knowledge 

Have a call to action – what is to do next   

1.Social Media Content Videos 

The one thing that is different here is that you mix up three groups… group 4 6 and 7 as well as 8   

Use what you got, create teaser videos out of your online course videos, or members-only videos.

Or webinar videos etc… and spread them through social media.  

The others are all straight forward from now on: 

6. Generic content videos 

Like moving quotes, empowerment, motivation, content from others, etc… 

Keep them as short as possible stay below 5 minutes for each 

7. Live to stream 

Go nuts… stream as short or long as you want. 

Find your model and repeat it. 

When you want to do a couple of short videos.


Do that and then seed in maybe 1 or 2 longer ones every now or later. 

"Let’s explore the other video length options"

8. Ad Videos. 

One thing here – long-form sales ads outperform short videos every time. 

You attract a more fitting client with someone who already watches 15-30 minutes of ad video, then the quick impulse clicking 15 seconds bait video style leads. 

Create for your ad’s tests. 

One short video ad is not longer than 15 seconds. 

One Standard length.

3-10 minutes max. 

And One long-form ad that can run-up to an hour!  

9. Testimonials and Social Proof 

The rule here is the shorter and more precise to the point, the better! 


People want to know if you are a good match when they are generally interested already. 

You have 3-5 testimonial videos that tell them precisely that in under 1-2 minutes each is super helpful. 

So, make sure you prepare a script that provides an outline for your clients to follow.

Not what to say, but what to talk about when and how to keep it short.  

That’s it.

I hope this was helpful and now go ahead and design your video content! 

Sunny Regards    


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