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Digitize Master Series - Part 106

Why focus on one thing per product is important  

This is the digitize Master Series - online composed of videos, blogs, posts, and podcasts that will help you build a foundation for success online. If you follow this series, you will get everything you need to make money online.

DEC 15, 2019


Overloading people with possibilities will end up stopping them from doing anything.  

Hi, it’s time to digitize.  

We explore in this blog everything you need to know.

I mean everything.

From what the internet is, to how to make videos that sell, and social media accounts that grow organically, with no effort while preparing your campaigns and building your webpage.  

Can you see how this already starts to feel cumbersome and impossible?  

Can you feel how it drags you and your energy down?  

If you think it would be awesome now to read the next 1999 pages all about that (wouldn’t even be enough), and you don’t feel the slightest overwhelmed.

I want to meet you!  

Even me, as an expert in all of that above, is feeling overloaded by the idea of compiling it like that.

There are too many pitfalls, depths, and secret curves that it would be plain impossible to combine them all in a way that people have an experience that is beneficial for them.  

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"So, that is why: “focus on one thing” is important, but how? "

Let’s explore that.  In the last blog, I was telling you how important it is to keep your communication simple and easy to follow.  

This here will help you achieve that even further.  


I knew you ask again! 

Imagine instead of trying to cover everything that somebody would possibly need to know, doing this:  

Choose one topic, then choose 1 part of that topic, break it down into steps, and talk about 1 or 2 steps only.  

Usually, we overestimate the general knowledge about things we are experts in.  

People don’t care and don’t want to know unless it is helping them somehow.

And if they would see, they wouldn’t need an expert like you!  

"Ok, but how do I focus on one thing now?"

Here is the deal: 

If you want to talk about something within one topic’s inner topic, and then steps from them, make sure to keep it simple as well. 

Start with an insight; something people wouldn’t know.

Something that makes the topic interesting to them and hooks them into your world. 

For Example:

Did you know that you can earn money online without spending money on anything? 

Wouldn’t you want to hear at least a bit more now and see where that leads? 

See, a sturdy hook is an essential part. 

Then tie it back into a story that delivers the learning points and understanding to the reader or listener. 

From there, bring benefits of doing what you talk about to the table and highlight one action they can take. 

In the end, finish with a call to action.

What is it they need to do next: 

Like this: 

Craft your first topic’s story and hook right now and then come back tomorrow for the next blog. 

See you then!

Sunny Regards    


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