Winner - How to find the inner strength to never give up!

Digitize Master Series - Part 109

How to create the inner strength to keep on going - never give up 

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DEC 18, 2019


A winner never quits. That, however, isn’t always too easy to achieve.  

Hi, it’s time to digitize, and I want to reveal to you my tricks to keep going on.  

To keep on going, there is one major factor you should know about.  


It’s a finite source of energy.

And to keep on going with it, you need to make sure you refresh your energy.    

The best way to make sure you come out on top is to combine three powerful ways to build up the resolve to make it happen.  

Your Vision of what you want Your Why The decision to be persistent All three sound super simple.

They aren’t. 

Not at the slightest. 

Stefan Logar Presents

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"How to get your steps to inner strength right and keep on going!"

Having a strong vision is excellent.

But how to create it in the first place? 

Remember, at the beginning of this digitization journey, we explored together three crucial questions to your success and clarity. 

One was to move into your future.

1 year to be precise.

And to see in this future what all you’ve accomplished. 

Then reverting from that future point into the now and see what steps to take next. 

That alone is an excellent way of getting your goals into a more feasible fashion.

Yet, it might not be enough to build an encouraging view of what is to come. 

First things to do: 

1.Get yourself back into your future. Project your mind 12 months from now and take a look around you. 

2.See what you have accomplished 

3.Feel how your new life feels like 

4.Then take a close look towards everything you want to have, and that you have achieved. 

I want you to imagine it in detail. 

Every little bit takes your time here.

Take a couple of hours. 

Look, you probably heard that already somewhere.

And wonder: 

why is that important, I need that now! 

And that’s just it. 

As long as you are in a “needy” mindset… you won’t get it.


It took me years to understand and internalize that. 

It doesn’t need to be like that for you, in any case. 

Build this Vision.

And make sure you live in it for a moment.  

"Keep on going!"

Your Why is important, more than you think. 

See, after building your Vision, you need to understand and internalize why you want it. 

And I am talking about a deep-rooted why. 

Something that connects you to a higher purpose.

A bigger cause. 

Something more than you. 

Find out why you want it and start to question it. 

The question again and again, until your mind and ego have no answers anymore.

Until it emotionally hurts to you and makes you weep. 

Look, you are doing this for yourself.

So, you might as well do it right! 

"The thing with persistence is the one most potent fact to keep you going"

I didn’t talk much about this fundamental behavior that makes successful people.

Or breaks those who decide to be losers. 

First of all, nobody is a born loser.

That is impossible. 

We are all, even you, born winner!

All the time. 


Ok, think back… the very beginning… you started in a race of death or life. 

3-4 Million were running for their chance of a human being against you. 

They would have done anything to defeat you and see you perish. 

But you didn’t.

You prevailed. 

You won!

And bam…

Nine-month later, you were born. 

You are the winner of the race for life!

You are awesome!

Alone that makes you unique. 

Now, in the game of life.

Especially as adults, we tend to forget about that. 

It seems unimportant and far away.

Yet it is closer than you think.

The thing here is, if you wouldn’t be persistent by nature, you wouldn’t even be here. 

How can you dial into this persistence? 

This is where it gets interesting. 

First of all, you need to convince yourself that you are indeed a winner. 

Then you need to keep your Vision and future in your mind while backing up your actions with your why! 

The true one that you worked out before here, hopefully! 

With those two in line, you almost keep on going from alone. 

The last thing that is missing is your decision to change and level up your life. 

Every single day. 

A winner never stops. 

A winner takes action every day. 

For you, that means from now on out, and you are doing one thing.

At least one small item a day for your dreams! 

Don’t ever take a day where you did nothing.

It doesn’t work that way. 

And if that one thing is to write an email, talk with somebody new, or make your plans more refined.

That’s great.

Even that keeps you going. 


Persistence is a habit. 

It’s trainable. 

And when you decided on a change, you can choose to follow it through. 

The last tip is this:

"align everything you do with your heart and universal love for life!"  

See you tomorrow!  

Sunny Regards    


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