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Digitize Master Series - Part 119

Why your logo isn't important  

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DEC 31, 2019


Times change, having something else representing you, and your service is second nature and not important at all.

Hi, it's time to digitize. 

Let's talk about your logo. 

There are different forms of a logo that you can have. 

1.It could be an Image 

2.It could be Text 

3.It could be animated 

4.It could be a combination of the above 

You also can have an Audio-Logo ‚Äď remember your one-sentence-introduction ¬†

We are talking now about your Image + Text ‚Äď Logo.¬†

Like the logo from Nike or Adidas. 

The thing with the logos is that many people are overweighing their importance. 

For you, in today's world, a logo doesn't matter! 


All these hours designing something were for nothing.

But Coca Cola has one! 

Yap, all the big brands have one… you need one too, but it isn't essential.

At All! 

ÔĽŅSo, before you spend endless hours designing the next multimillion-dollar company logo, build that company first!¬†

Stefan Logar Presents

If you like to live a free and self determined life, then you need to digitize!

In this Master Series, you will learn everything you need to become successful online.

"How do I handle the Logo thing then?"

Good, you ask. 

First of all, don't overdo it.

Your logo should be a side aspect that appears from time to time.

And has a fixed spot in the background of things. 

Like in places like that: 

1.Presentations and¬†Powerpoints¬†‚Äď Place your logo in a corner, smaller, but visible to create familiarity¬†

2.Overlay on videos ‚Äď as well in corners¬†

3.In the header and footer of your webpage 

4.On documents,¬†invoices,¬†contracts, etc.‚Ķ¬†smaller on page¬†one!‚ÄĮ¬†

5.In graphics for social media or pages 

It can be more than enough to have your logo only as a text version of your name!

With an additional Symbol to make it stand out a bit. 

Remember, you are the personal brand of your company, so you are in the center of it all, not your logo. 

Do not lose to much time on design and things that do not matter, nor anyone will ever appreciate it. 

People don't buy your logo; they buy emotions and experiences they hope to get from you! 

So get your gear on and show yourself, and use your logo as a brand-reminder only.  

Sunny Regards‚ÄĮ¬†‚ÄĮ¬†‚ÄĮ


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